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Most of my answers were just straight up guesses as I had absolutely no idea off the top of my head after twenty one years living in this country, with seventeen of those years spent in full time education. Why would I even need to know a lot of this information? Why would anyone? Oh wait. It’s not really about necessity or relevance or anything, it’s about racism, xenophobia, nationalism, anti-multiculturalism and anti-immigrationism (is that a word?).

If you click the image you can try out the test for yourself on the Guardian website. I’d be surprised if anyone can actually pass without doing some serious googling as they’re going along.

I got 11.  That test is horrendous! Awful bastards.

12. i guess i better go home then? some of these questions are proper ridiculous shit that no one really needs to know. fuck you david cameron, fuck. you.

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    9 out of 24 aswell:( uhoh
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    9 out of 24… Oh dear.
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    I’ve not had the pleasure of the Citizenship ceremony yet, but my other half did the test a few months ago. What became...
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    " You scored 11 out of a possible 24" Yeesh. This is ridiculous.
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    There was a Bit of Fry and Laurie sketch about this. //
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    I scored 14, the questions are irrelevant and ridiculous
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    That is… that’s disgusting. History and statistics? Yeah, that’s super vital, and we all know that here. No wonder my...
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    10 out of a possible 24 … I know you’re trying to keep me out David Cameron, but you won’t be able to ;)
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    5 out of a possible 24. Literally 95% guesses. This test is an absolute joke. I don’t know one person who’d know these...
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    I got 10! Them questions are just ridiculous. I have had citizenship lessons recently as well!
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    really? that seems a bit silly
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    I got 22… 7 of which were bloody lucky guesses.
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    9/24 completely guessing. Those were ridiculous! I don’t know half those things about my own country, and if someone...
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    I got 6…no living in the UK for me.
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